1. Marketing automation
    1. Customized CRM
    2. E-mail marketing tool and forms
    3. Lead verification site
  2. Sales automation
    1. Sales CRM (Save, track, qualify, follow your leads and transform into long term customers)
      1. Visualization: stylized process of contact to lead to qualified lead to deal to satisfied client to repeated sales
    2. Sales funnel
      1. Develop a digital sales funnel and design your online content and tools by implementing the funnel
      2. Icons with benefits listed: Result oriented, Quicker turnaround, Ease for customers
      3. ForwardMedia will develop your sales funnel or adapt and implement the existing one
    3. Online catalogs and ordering
    4. E-commerce sites
  3. Inbound marketing content
    1. Email newsletters
    2. Blog posts
    3. Social media content
    4. Online event production
    5. Youtube channel content
    6. Website writing and visual content
    7. Website SEO tech and writing
  4. Digital marketing and sales support content
    1. 360 Virtual photo tours
    2. Social media communication
    3. Online magazines
    4. Podcast production
    5. Photoshoots
    6. Youtube channel content production
    7. Online video series
    8. Company and product promo video pack
    9. Explanatory video animation
    10. Website SEO content
  5. Website development
    1. Small business website
    2. E-commerce website
    3. Service provider website
    4. Product manufacturer website
    5. Electronic catalog
    6. Customer onboarding website
    7. Start-up info website
    8. Landing page development
    9. Website sets
    10. Link building
    11. Website SEO optimization
    12. Website content writing
    13. Website video content
    14. Localized websites
    15. Product websites
    16. Single-product website
  6. Business systems
    1. Document management system (DMS)
    2. Customer relations management (CRM) system
    3. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
    4. Warehouse management system (WMS)
    5. Production information management system (PIMS)
    6. Supplier Management System (SMS)